jamie meares

Yes, she's a genius.  Not only does she live my dream life of blogging and running a beautiful store, she's also witty, smart, hardworking and crazy nice.  I weirdly emailed her as a new blogger and she sent me the kindest words of encouragement.

I check in at the online Furbish store almost daily for inspiration and truly feel that I can't say enough about FurbishI Suwannee or Jamie for that matter.

Congrats for the awesome feature in High Gloss!

*images via furbish.com


  1. i love the images in this post! i have that same Domino book :) love the red dresser and bedroom!

  2. Absolutely loved her house. She is incredible talented. High Gloss was ahhh-mazing

  3. RIGHT THO! i just stole the whole spread from highgloss too.. Such amazing stuff in there. yay jamie.


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