a letter to you

I'm setting out on an exciting new adventure.  This means exciting changes and a transition that may mean I'll have to neglect the blog from time to time to prioritize life.

But don't worry your pretty little faces, i'm still working on bringing you all some fun, fun stuff!

I have lots of home updates to soon share.

Expect a giveaway (or two!).

And soon, even a new look.

So, while I may not be able to bring you something jaw dropping each day, don't worry (Mom + Nana(s)), I'm still alive and well, just exploring more of what this lovely life has to offer.  I hope to come through this transition even better than ever, with even more fun to bring you all.

Thank you to all 93 (wow!) of you who follow, read and check in from time to time.  You all are my fuel, my friends.

*image via chapman interiors


  1. You're pretty easy to follow. I wouldn't know anything about today's life if it weren't for you. Nana

  2. I cannot wait to hear your exciting updates! :) good luck with everything girly!


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