caldwell flake

It's Monday again which means there's another portfolio I'm drooling over.  This is starting to become a trend!  I discovered this compilation via Table Tonic. Gorgeous, no? 

How was your weekend?

We had the best couple of days off!  It felt extra long and was filled with too much sun (I now have a lobster boyfriend), good walks (to get fro-yo, of course), a few glasses of wine and lots of quality Zach + Brittany time.  Now its time to lock it up, get into the gym and get ready for change.  

*images via Caldwell Flake


  1. oh i LOVE the wall in that bedroom!

  2. I want to have dinner in the white dinning room....NO wine please.

  3. caldwell flake== Divine! lovely rooms, all of them!

  4. Brit, this Cadwell fellow is GREAT! Trellis on the ceiling AND procelain animal heads! yes please.... I have to know... did you paint your wood table gold!? I have a new idea for mine that i'm excited about.. and it still includes gold :)


  5. Oops, haha, please correct above spelling to Caldwell...


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