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The arrival of the weekend finally means time to relax and recuperate.  Hopefully we'll make it down to the farmers market and go for a nice long walk by the harbor one afternoon.  I'd like to lay by the pool with a book. Possibly clean my floors?  Catch up on laundry... Oh, and I need to find a new eye cream.  Who knew I could be so boring and stuffy?  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that you take some time to do whatever it is that you'd like to do!

Ps.  For those who know me (and Zach!), I've been thinking it would be a great idea if Zach tried to recreate the idea below.  I often fall asleep on the couch hours before he does and I sleep like a rock.  How fun would it be to receive pictures of Brittany - on Safari!  at a Luau!  in China!  on the Catwalk!  

(He's gonna read this and be like 'myyyyy girl.'  Which he typically uses when he's referring to my innate need to be just plain silly and weird.  Truth be told, I think he loves it.) 

Anyway, enough rambling from me.  Thought you might enjoy a look into my mind...have a great weekend!

*images via coco cozy, unknown, tonic home, unknown and we heart it

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  1. i think we are meant to be bff's. this post is perfection!


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