things not to do with your boyfriend version 1.0

Although there are countless activities that I've learned NOT to subject your boyfriend to (that is if you want him to continue to love and adore you), last night I learned that you should never, under any circumstances, force your boyfriend to watch GLEE.

I'm no Gleek. I'm not that into it, but I was hoping that by watching the season premiere that I could get into it, and by some stroke of luck, that Zach would get into it too.


Too much drama and dancing and diversity and duets for one man to handle.

I have to give the poor guy credit, he sat through nearly 75% of the show. Asking questions about the story line...trying to figure it all out. He gave an effort, and even when he wasn't, he sat next to me pretending that he wasn't dying to change the channel.

Just one more lesson for the books... (along with don't ask your marathon running boyfriend to take you running when you can't even run 1/4 mile and don't take your boyfriend to Eddie Bauer and then question his clothing choices).

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