10 things for 2010

I know its feverishly late to make resolutions, but its never too late to set a few goals. Here goes...

  1. read 10 books
  2. buy a beautiful DSLR
  3. watch say anything (this is more like a 'do this weekend and every weekend' kind of goal)
  4. find a side project, job, hobby; something new and exciting
  5. buy a bike and frequently ride said bike
  6. become an overnight sensation
  7. make acorn squash pizza, truffled mac and cheese, and perfect all versions of steamed eggs on toast
  8. acquire x benches (or just one particularly beautiful x bench), somehow, someday...
  9. set sail for a tropical getaway
  10. move to another city
They aren't too lofty are they?

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