good job (running mommy)!

I've been a little obsessed with Caitlin Wilson's blog ever since I stumbled across it about a month ago.  Her home (in Dubai!) is absolutely gorgeous and I love that she too knows that Gold Souks exist!  I envy her little slice of heaven and stalk her blog daily. 

Today, she led me to her friend Running Mommy whom I now love just as much!  Her outlook, frank writing and her general feel are so familiar and comforting.  Her post "Good Running, Mommy" completely won me over. 

For the short time I've had this blog, I've viewed it as a way to express and to process my life as it happens.  It is for no one else other than myself and the few (very seldom) people who may stumble across it and (possibly) enjoy it.  I often forget this, so thanks for the much needed reminder Running Momma!

You have completely won me over.

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  1. holy moley nice lady!!! hi! what thoughtful words you have written. Thank you. It's nice to meet you, and I'm way sad my wedding ring was purchased when platinum was cool. i realize now that gold is way better for my skin tone. i will for sure see you around. xoxo.


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