this is what pathetic looks like

Friday: After approximately 4.5 days alone (first appearance of patheticism seeing as I was only alone from the hours of 7pm to 8am due to work and the gym), I called on Anna to come visit and keep me company.

After a tour of the new apartment and some yummy dinner, this was my - lets just buy cookies, multiple bottles of wine, oh and more sweets & wine to hopefully cure my loneliness - face (or more affectionately pronounced - FAYCE).

(the aforementioned additional *reduced guilt alongside the always affordable Chuck)

And, it worked! For the day...

Frinight/Saturday: Anna and I capped off the night by watching the Hangover and made it to bed by 11 (second appearance of patheticness seeing as we're not over the age of 80 and we didn't do anything strenuous - well, if you don't count polishing off a bottle of wine), but we awoke at a decent hour and made it to Starbucks in time to fulfill my weekend ritual of Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sammies and completely necessary Vanilla Lattes. (Note: This combo is in fact completely necessary. Not for my physique, as one may assume, but for my emotional wellbeing and ultimately, my happiness.)

We soon parted ways and I successfully entertained myself for the rest of the day (the fact that I find this impressive is even more evidence of how pathetic I am by myself).

Sunday: Momma came to keep me company, feed me, and to help drain my bank accounts. In the matter of 8 hours we managed to hit up every decent store at the Mall (including a mini splurge at Nordstroms and a mega splurge at J.Crew (win!)), we had the yummiest dinner at Ken Cafe, followed by a much needed manicure/pedicure/massage, and more shopping!!!

I'd say - mission accomplished. Thank you to my two lovely ladies for occupying my time. Now its off to sweat pants and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Can I just note that it is purely disgusting how transfixed I am to the birth of the next Kardashian spawn! Maybe I should spend this time to do some soul searching. I think I need hobbies... Goodnight to all (and by all, I'm referring to my 1 follower - myself!).

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